ChatGPT for All websites, at all times.

Supports Chrome / Firefox

Supports almost any input field on the internet

Emails, Social Media Posts, Testing Data

Lifetime License (One time payment)

6 Months of updates

Works using your own API Key

coming soon: GPT-4, Output language select...

Get AI Buddy In Beta For Free

$9.99 FREE

AI BUDDY is free in beta


How does it work?

AI Buddy uses your own API key to make API requests to openAI's chatGPT in the background as soon as he spots a patterns gpt: [prompt];

How to activate the license key?

After receiving your license key, you need to download the chrome / firefox extension from their respective stores. Upon opening the extension's settings, you will be asked for a license key.

Is my API Key secure?

Your API Key is strictly stored locally and we do not collect any data. Everything happens on your machine.

What web browsers are supported?

AI Buddy is currently available for Firefox and Google Chrome.

I need to disassociate my current device?

If you're switching devices and need to reset your license key, please get in touch with us -